Style Guide

Look around at the colors in your home. Portraits are art, so we want them to look good with the décor of your home.

Solid colors always look nice: blacks, browns, earth tones, etc, but you can also choose clothing with similar colors or patterns. Some families choose to match completely, but you certainly do not have to. Some families like to go with colors that are in the same color family, or coordinating colors. We have a Pinterest board for ideas on what to wear here.

We also have a Pinterest board on pose ideas in case you want to check it out too.

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Your family portrait should capture the individual personalities of everyone in your family at this moment in your lives.

Hint: Choose mom’s outfit first, and plan everyone else’s around hers.


* nothing sleeveless

* darker colors are slimming

* shoes are important

* ladies, paint your nails

* lip gloss is awesome

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