Products Offered by Colorado Springs Photography

Action Shot Pictures

Action shots are taken at game time through out any given season.  We will be taking action shots for boys and girls basketball, wrestling and swimming for the Winter 2013-2014 season.  Interest in this product can be expressed either through  each team's portrait order form or by sending an email to  Separate packages apply for regular season and post-season play.  Action shots are also used in video and collage-based products.

Pricing for digital action shots are as follows:

   5 action shots : $15

   10 action shots : $20

   20 action shots : $25

   50 action shots : $50

   gallery of up to 100 action shots : $75

This pricing is available only when purchased directly through CSP and not offered through direct downloads.  Upon completion of the season, please send an email to with details of the pictures that are wanted.  Action shots purchased directly through CSP will be delivered to you in the form of  a CD with each image having a resolution of ~1M pixels.

Action Shot Examples

Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures are that time in your Junior or Senior's  life where it is all about them, the time to take 'that shot'.  At CSP we want to take 'that shot' for you.  A standard package includes an outdoor session at multiple, local locations for a $75 sitting fee.  Individual picture pricing as follows:

       8x10 : $12         5x7 : $10        4x6 : $8        8 wallet : $12

An album package consists of multiple sessions that also capture sport and theatre activities your student is involved in.  An album is composed of twenty, 10x10 pages in a nicely bound album.   We are currently filling three remaining slots for a promotional-priced album.  

Please fill out the contact form on the left side of this page or email directly to for booking information.

Senior Picture Examples

Team and Individual Sport Portraits

Team and individual sport portraits for the Winter 2013-2014 sport season are being provided for boys basketball, wrestling and girls swimming.  Your athlete will be provided an order form in December or January, depending on when these pictures will be taken.  Example pictures from the Fall season are below.

Sport Portrait Examples

Action-Based Products

A variety of products are offered stemming from action shots taken of your athlete.  Some examples are below.

Action Shot Products

Action Shot Slide Show

Custom Photography

Custom photography is for taking the shot that is thought about, planned for, executed and processed in a unique manner.  Let us know if you have an idea that you want to pursue or if you want us to think of something unique for you.

Custom Photography

Head Shots

Head shots are offered for corporate web biographies, business cards, Linked In profiles or for an actor's portfolio.

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